Apps Available

Classroom Manager

Elegant in its simplicity, Classroom Manager allows the user to monitor student behavior, classroom interactions, and teacher interventions in real-time with the touch of a few buttons. Classroom Manager is ideal for teachers who need to maintain accurate records for parent-teacher conferences, monitor behaviors for intervention meetings, and track the progress of students with special needs.

3D Views

Three-dimensional concepts are difficult for students because they have difficulty with the conceptual transition between the three dimensional figures and their paper/pencil representations. This often leads to confusion when learning surface area and volume relationships. 3D Views bridges that gap in understanding by allowing students to build virtual manipulatives that can be viewed from all sides just like a real object.

Transformation Trainer

Transformation Trainer promotes understanding of Geometric transformations by allowing the user to view the transformation and the coordinate relationships quickly. Project images from your iPad onto your Smartboard, Prometheum board, 3M or LCD projector using your Apple TV or VGA adaptor.

Number Systems Trainer

NumberSystem provides a fun and challenging way for teachers to review the Number Systems with their students and offers parents and special needs teachers a unique and exciting way to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.

Counting Tree

Teaching probability and combinations has never been easier with Counting Tree. This app uses common probability tools (spinners, coins, dice, bags of marbles, and cards) as well as user defined custom events to generate counting trees that demonstrate the outcomes made possible when multiple events occur.