Classroom Manager Approved

Classroom Manager has just been approved by Apple for sale on the I-tunes App Store!!!  It should be available within 24 hours!!!

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  1. Denise Herreen says:

    Hi it would be great if you could include an attendance component to your app. I really need this component and am disappointed it is not included especially for the price.

    • Aaron says:

      I agree with you about the need for an attendance component. This idea came up too late in development for us to include it in version 1.0, but it will definitely be a part of our first update along with some seating chart and questioning features that are going to be WAY cool! In the meantime, you can create your own “custom” button for recording attendance. This will keep a time/date record of each absence for you and will list the number of absences as a type of behavior in all the reports. The only thing that it will not do is collect the dates for you in a single location. You will need to locate them among the other incidences in the report.

      I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your feedback! Please continue to keep us informed of any other improvements you would recommend.

  2. Maryanne overs says:

    Interested to purchase

  3. Tony says:

    Likethe concept and agree with comments regarding attendance. Maybe an import function for student data is worth a look. If you have many classes it is time consuming to enter the names. Also, expressing the behaviors as a percentage of the total time would be helpful……being able to nominate how long each period is and giving information as to how long the student exhibited the behavior.

    Good work.

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks for the positive comments as well as the suggestions. We are very excited at the possibilities this App offers to teachers and hope to include many of these suggestions in version 2.0. Please keep us posted on your success with and suggestions.

  4. Jess says:

    I like the idea of the app but many functions are not working properly or always crushes. Please fix them ASAP.

    • Aaron says:

      Can you please be specific regarding what functions are not working properly or what occurs immediately prior to crashing? This is the first concern I’ve heard about this and I would like to get it fixed as soon as possible for you. Thanks!

  5. Mathieu says:

    I’ve just bought classroom manager which seems to be great, but i’ve got a problem.
    I can create a class, but i can’t open it after, application close itself.
    I try to uninstall then install it again but this problem is still here.
    If you can help me, i’ll be very gratefull.

    Sorry for my english, i’m french.
    Thank you so much.


  6. Peter says:

    Have just bought Class Manager and it keeps crashing after I create class and then add a student. As soon as I try tosave the student it locks up.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

    • Aaron says:

      I am sorry to hear that. I am having my programmers look into the issue. I would suggest making sure that you are running the latest version of IOS. Once you have confirmed that you are using 5.0.1, try removing the App from your device and then reloading it. That may fix it. This issue has come up a couple times, but seems to affect only a few users. We are trying to clarify why that is. As soon as we figure it out, please be assured that an update will correct any issues on our end.

      Again, I apologize for any inconvenience. We are working hard to resolve this.

  7. Loren says:

    I really like the Classroom Manager app but I would like to be able to enter my daily notes at end of day but the times won’t match… Is there a way to change day and time??? I can’t always enter data at that moment, I need a way to enter later but still have the actual time and date… Thanks!!!

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks for the compliments. In it’s current version, Classroom Manager does not allow the user to time/date stamp information unless the incident is recorded immediately. My thought process when creating the App was to avoid having to stop instruction to make notes or needing to recall the information at a later time. I carry mine around with me while I teach so that I can record instantly. I did find a product that has helped tremendously with this. Check out I am not affiliated with them, but find their product makes it very easy to carry my Ipad with me at all times.

      Having said all that, you can use the “Note” button on the intervention page to record incidents at a later date. It will allow you to record your own date and time. This information will appear on the student reports, but will not be included in the aggregate graphs/displays.

      I appreciate the question/suggestion and will think about this a little bit. I might be able to improve this in the first update. Thanks!

      • Loren says:

        Thank you for addressing my question. It’s just that I teach Emotionally Disturbed students and I wish I could have my iPad handy but I just can’t. I will continue to use the app but would love the ability to change/ adjust time & date.
        Thanks for listening…. 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    Any chance you will put this on the Android market?

    • Aaron says:

      I would love to put it on Android, but I haven’t gotten there yet. If we can get that done, I’ll be sure to email you first! :o)

      • Sara says:

        Excellent, I know I would buy it right away! I encourage you to look that direction next 😉

        • Sara says:

          Hello again Aaron, I was just wondering if it was cost that was preventing you from creating it on an android platform (aka, takes forever and you can’t guarantee profits) or just the different coding? If it is cost please e-mail me as I know quite a few educators who would love it and there is a possibly we could pay for you time.

  9. Britt says:

    I have just bought you app classroom manager and it seems to be a great app to keep track of my students, but i’ve bumped into a little problem. I’ ve entered all my students data, but the app has pushed them forward so that student number two has student number ones parent and other data on his reportcard. Could you please try to correct that? I’ve already had to reinstall the app once, because it kept crashing, when I tried to open the class, so I would really like to get it to work :0)

  10. Martin says:


    Any chance your app might have a french language interface soon?

  11. Brad Beatty says:

    I would like to get the contact information of someone within your company that I could speak with about your ClassManager App. We have downloaded it and it serves some of our purposes but had some necessary changes in mind, want to know if this is something you would like to build on in your app before we start the process of building our own.

    Brad Beatty
    District Computer Technician
    Hancock County Schools

    • Aaron says:

      We spoke in March about the possibility of creating a behavior monitoring program for you school consortium. I know you had a change in leadership that put this on the back burner, but I wanted to check back in with you to see where things stood.

  12. Steph says:

    This is a great app!!

    I want to leave a comment/suggestion. It would be nice if the app would allow you to re-alphabetize the student names. For example, when a students drops or adds the class. Right now, it just adds the new name to the bottom of the list. If the app already does that, I can’t figure it out and would love a suggestion!

    • Aaron says:

      That is a great suggestion and one that I hope to include in version 2.0. I am also a classroom teacher so my goal is to make this as useful for you as possible. Please feel free to leave suggestions any time!
      Aaron Nunley

    • Aaron says:

      I don’t know if you are aware or not, but we have added re-alphabetization to Classroom Manager as you suggested. Just enter the student names with the last name first and click the “ABC” button next to the list. This will sort the data. Eventually, we hope to separate the “name” into “first” and “last” name which will give us greater flexibility, but this should help you in the meantime.

      You’ve had some time to work with the App for a while and I’d love to hear if you are having success. Please feel free to drop us a line any time. Thanks!

  13. Ashley Barker says:

    I just purchased this app from the iTunes store because I needed a gradebook program that I could input behaviors with. I do not like this program at all because while you can input behaviors, you can not print off class data, only individual data, and it does not have any reporting features for just the gradebook. I want a refund! This information should be in the description of the app. This app is very expensive and the description is very general and leaves out many details. I am a classroom teacher and this app is essentially useless. Again, I want my money back!!!!

    • Aaron says:

      Miss Barker,
      I am sorry to hear that our Classroom Manager App does not meet your needs. Your suggestion that the user should be able to print all students at once rather than one at a time is a good one as is your suggestion regarding printing only grade reports. We will consider these ideas for our next update.

      In order to receive a refund, please log into your Itunes account from your home computer. Find the item in your purchase history and click, “report a problem”. This should take you to a page where you can describe the issue you are having and receive a refund directly from Itunes within a week. I believe you can also reach this page using the “report a problem” link when you receive your confirmation link from Itunes. If they cannot resolve the matter for you, please respond to this email and I will see that the matter is handled for you.

      Thank you for trying out our product.

  14. Scott Gray says:

    Is there a way to modify the section that lists lecture, independent work, etc. to our own daily titles for settings. Such as read aloud, silent reading, structured break, spelling, etc.?

    • Aaron says:

      Classroom Manager does not currently support this, however, if you send me a list of the items you would like added to the menu, I should be able to put them on. Adding choices is easier to do than creating customization. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for trying our product!

  15. Scott Gray says:

    Aaron, I would like to be more specific than what is offered. I teach language arts and social studies. So I would like to have the following options for language arts: read aloud, journal writing, silent reading, read around, Greek & Latin, Bell work, computer, Structured break, spelling, creative writing. And for social studies: book work, research, project. And for each one for “testing”. Thanks

    • Aaron says:

      Let me see what I can do… :o)

    • Aaron says:

      You had emailed me in April about adding some options to the “classroom activity” wheel on the Classroom Manager Application. I wanted to let you know that we will be issuing and update in the next few weeks that will include many of the items you requested. Also, the app will be functional on the iphone/itouch and will hopefully include a new reporting graph (total incidences over time). I hope the app has worked well for you and certainly hope that the new version will be even better suited to your needs. Thanks!

  16. Sean Udal says:


    How do you rename a student? I had a few students save with a / in the name and could not delete them. I had to delete the entire class. This app crashes when I try run a report. Is there a support email address ?


    • Aaron says:

      As you are creating your class, there is no way to rename a student. Instead, you need to finish creating the class and save it. Once the class is saved, the “delete student” function will allow you to remove a student from the list. You can then use the “add student” button to enter the correct name. Currently, the app will not realphabetize for you, but this is a feature I am trying to correct now.

      As far as the crashing, we are not having this issue reported by other users. It sounds like the file may have been corrupted during the installation. You may want to remove it from your device, go back to the app store on your device, select “purchased” and reload. Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

      You can reach us at Please let me know if this resolves your issue. Thanks!

  17. click here says:

    I tried taking a look at your website in my mobile phone and the design does not seem to be correct. Might want to check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cellular phone layouts are not really working with your web page.

  18. CJS says:

    Is there a way to copy an entire class list for one subject and move the selected list to a different subject rather than retyping each name?

    • Aaron says:

      That is a great question. That function is not included in this version of Classroom Manager, but would be a great addition to the next version. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I am a secondary teacher and designed the program from a perspective of having multiple classes. I did not take self-contained classes into consideration.

      Thanks for purchasing our App! I hope it provides you a wealth of data on your students. Please feel free to come back and share how it affects your instruction.

  19. Scott Carson says:

    How does classroom manager deal with multiple users? Can it be used for the same student being in three different classrooms and create a cohesive report?

    • Aaron says:

      Classroom manager was originally designed for use by a single teacher so there is no implicit “multi-user” function at this point although we are considering it for future updates. Having said that, multiple users can share a single device by creating unique class names to differentiate the users. For example, when creating classes, you might create a class called “Scott1” whereas I might create one called “Nunley1”. Both would appear in the “Open Class” menu. If a single student is enrolled in multiple classes a single report for that student will be generated. If you wish to have separate reports, simply alter the students name slightly. For example “Bill Smith” in class “Scott1” and “Bill Smith” in class “Nunley 1” would compile data into a single report. However, “Bill Smith” in class “Scott1” and “Bill Smith2” in class “Nunley 1” would compile data into separate reports.

      I hope this has been helpful. If there is anything we can do to assist you in the future, please let us know. Also, please update us on any successes or challenges you have in using our product. Have a great school year!

      • Scott Carson says:


        One more question. In my world students can have more than one problem behavior at a time. Does the app allow for that? Also, I would probably want to do a custom list for problem behaviors for all the students. Can I make the entire list the way I need it for IEP’s?

        • Aaron says:

          Once you have created a class and entered student names, open the class and a select a student. The app will default to the “Interventions” page. On the right side you will find a “Custom” button that will allow you to create any custom behavior you wish. This custom behavior will be listed as the first choice on the “Interventions” page. You can use the “Other” button to choose any 13 behaviors you would like to appear on your Interventions default page. These can be changed at any time as needed. So you can select the 13 behaviors most likely to occur and place them on that default page and then swap those out if a different behavior occurs. It should be pretty seamless.

          In my opinion, the most powerful function of this app is that it allows the user to track an almost infinite number of behaviors at once without the need to stop instruction and make handwritten notes and then organizes the data to show the distribution of behaviors given different variables (type of behavior, time of day, type of classroom activity, day of the week). This should provide you with very powerful data for your IEP meetings.

          Please let me know if you have further questions. Also, drop us a line letting us know how Classroom Manager is meeting your needs.

  20. Lidia Wandrie says:

    I love your classroom manager app! I showed it to my principal and she is planning on purchasing it for our entire staff. However, the only downfall is not being able to delete, add,or move students from classes without having to retype entire class list! Please, please, please create and update as soon as possible! Our new school year has already started and having to retype entire class when a new student arrives is too much work! I work for San Bernardino City Unified School District and your apps is getting quite a buzz at Marshall. We will highly promote it! Please fix this feature ASAP!

    • Aaron says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words about our product. We are extremely happy to hear that it is proving useful in your classroom. I do want to ask you for some clarification regarding the challenges you are having. You should be able to add/delete a student without any difficulty. You will need to open the class, and select the student you wish to delete. At the bottom of the left pane, you have a “delete student” button. Press this and then click “yes” to confirm the action. If you wish to add a student, open the class, select “add a student” and record the appropriate information.

      If I am understanding your difficulty correctly, the challenge is with moving a student from one class to another. In the current version of Classroom Manager, the user would need to print/email the student’s report so they have a permanent copy, then delete the student from one class and add them to another. The student would then have a new/blank record. At this point, Classroom Manager does not maintain the student’s in alphabetical order. Is this the main concern?

      We are currently working on adapting Classroom Manager to function on the ipod touch/iphone. As part of this process, we are attempting to solve the alphabetizing problem as well. We are also hoping to add a new graph to the report showing “total incidences over time”. Hopefully, these features will enhance what you are already doing in your classroom.

      I hope this addresses your question. If not, I would love to discuss this issue with you over the phone to ensure that I fully understand the challenge you are having. I’m sure you don’t want your contact information displayed on this page, so you can feel free to email contact information to if you wish and I will respond to you very shortly.

      Thanks again! Please feel free to offer suggestions any time you like. We are very excited about providing the best educational apps we can.

    • Aaron says:

      I wanted to make sure you knew that the Classroom Manager Update became available on Itunes last night. I hope it addresses some of you major concerns. Please feel free to update us on how it is working for you.

  21. Scott Gray says:

    Is there an update planned for release before school starts ( in less than a week from now)?

    • Aaron says:

      I’m glad you asked. We uploaded our latest update to Classroom Manager today. Apple typically takes up to a week to review the update before allowing it to be posted to the App store.
      Major features of the update include…
      1. IPOD/IPhone COMPATIBILITY!!! We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and the new User Interface is pretty cool!
      2. Alphabetization of students. The app will give the user the opportunity to sort names alphabetically. Just be sure to enter the last name followed by the first name or the data will get sorted by first name. Eventually, we hope to separate the “name” cell into “first name” and “last name”, but we didn’t want to create problems for users who have already entered their students for the year. This update can be downloaded without data loss.
      3. Incidences over time graph. Classroom Manager now allows the user to view the number of incidences of misbehavior over time. Display graphs for individual behaviors by touching the block next to the specific behavior on the reports page or display the total for all incidences. Tapping the graph itself will cause the app to cycle through displays by day, week or month. This is a pretty cool feature.
      4. Several additional labels have been added to the classroom activities selector wheel.
      5. Rearranging of the graphs on the reports.

      I hope this answers your question. If you find Classroom Manager to be useful in your classroom, please let us know. If you can think of ways we can improve the app, please do the same. And, of course, positive reviews on the app store are always appreciated.


  22. Kim says:

    When I try to define an assignment, give it a point value, then define category weight the app will not return to the gradebook so that I can enter grades. Please help!

    • Aaron says:

      We have an update with some bug fixes that should be available by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. It is pending approval by Apple. Please let me know if this does not correct the problem. In the meantime, try pressing the round “home” button to return to your desktop. Double click the “home” button. A menu of active programs should appear on the bottom of you Ipad screen. Find Classroom Manager and hold it down. An “-” should appear in the top left corner. Press this to shut down classroom manager. It will disappear from this menu, but not from your desktop. Press the “home” key again to return to your desktop. Reopen Classroom Manager. This should restore the app to a usable state. Try to use the gradebook again…. If it doesn’t work correctly this time, please send me another email. Also, are you using this on Ipod, Iphone, or Ipad? Thanks!

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  23. Scott Gray says:

    Thanks for the updates. I am having difficulty with students showing up in other classes. For instance I have two main classes. The students listed in class 205 show up in class 208. When I delete the 205 students from 208, they are also deleted from the class 205. Any suggestions?

    By the way I like the new background.

    • Aaron says:

      That is odd. I would try shutting the Ipad down and rebooting to see if that solves the issue. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what to think other than your database getting corrupted. The best fix would be to remove the app from your ipad and reinstall, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do that this far into the year. :o)

      I’ve got my programmer looking into it and we’ll get it fixed right away when we find it.

      Thanks for the kind words about the background. I’ve been wanting to improve this for a while. Classroom Manager was one of my first apps and so there was a learning curve to the design portion. I feel as though the product enables the user to do some things no one else is offering, but was being held back because some of the other apps look nicer. Hopefully, this will help.

      Thanks again.

    • Aaron says:

      We think we’ve found what is causing this problem and we can correct it. This will take a little time (couple weeks), but we hope to have a solution shortly.
      Thanks for your patience.

  24. Tammy says:

    Thank you, Aaron, for your long response to my recommendations for this app! In response to your question regarding how many behaviors to show at one time… it possible to separate behaviors and interventions and put on different screens to allow for more of each but without having them be too small?

    I’ve been using the program so more feedback to come!

    I’d love to pilot your programs as appropriate to my classes 🙂

  25. Jason says:

    Is there a way to import your student data into the app. As a band director with classes of 60-70 it is very difficult to find the time to type in all of that information for every class.

    • Aaron says:

      I regret to say that there is no way to do that. I am looking into adding that feature in the future as it has been requested several times. When we add it, I will be sure to send you an email to let you know.
      Thanks for using Classroom Manager! Please drop us an occasional email and let us know how it is working out for you.

      • Jason says:

        Without that feature I won’t be using the app. I don’t have the time or the want to, to type in 300 plus names into the program.

  26. Patrick says:

    Hi, importing student data would be an awesome advantage. Please hurry! I would like to know whether I can print out the grades of the whole class, like a list. Secondly, I tried to print all the pages, but when convert to pdf, it only print page 1. If I want to print page 3 only, it doesn’t want to. Help plzzzz!

    • Aaron says:

      I agree with you about importing student data. This has been requested by multiple users and is on the “to-do” list. I need to find a new programmer to work on this as I’ve already gone through two. That’s the down side of being a small LLC. I would be very interested in hearing what form your data currently takes so it will be easier to import.

      At this point, Classroom Manager is designed to provide data on individual students, not on whole classes. In the next iteration, I plan to incorporate the ability to deal with classes as well as the ability to go back and edit records more easily. If there are other features you’d like to see, please let me know.

      I’m not sure about the printing issue, but will look into it. Will the app allow you to print all 3 pages, but not page 3 by itself or am I misreading this.

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been getting hit by a lot of spam lately and it is really slowing things down. Your message was completely buried. Thanks for your patience!

      I would love to hear how Classroom Manager is serving you in your classroom. It will go a long way in helping me make improvements. Additionally, if you have had positive results, please consider giving us a positive review on the App store. Thanks!

  27. Satheesh Raj says:

    Is there any way that I can install the this application in my system and add all the classes and the students and later on synchronise with my Ipad. Its very difficult for me to add all the students name in a small screen and keyboard in Ipad..

    Please help me in theis regard

    • Aaron says:

      At this point, that is not possible. That is on the list of features to be added. I will be sure to notify you when this is available.
      Aaron Nunley

  28. Rebecca riedel says:

    I cannot seem to print the pdf’s. Can you pleases help. I am pressing the envelope button but it does not do anything. Please help

    • Aaron says:

      The envelope button does not print pdfs… it emails them. To email, you must save the PDF file and then print to an airport capable printer. If nothing occurs when you press the envelope button, try shutting down the app and opening it again. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, please reply back with which device you are running the app on and whether or not you have downloaded the latest update from us and from Apple and I will investigate this for you.
      Sorry for the trouble.
      Thanks for using our product.

  29. Brian Steele says:

    If the ability of importing student/parent contact information is not in the very near future, could I receive a refund? This is such an important feature to make this app work. A large reason for my downloading the app was to make my work more efficient — not to be high maintenance.

    Is this issue near the top of your list to resolve? I understand about the programmers you have hired and the limitations of your LLC.

  30. Aaron says:

    This is next on our list of priorities. My hope is to have this function available by the end of March (2014). Thanks for your patience.

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