Counting Tree

Counting Tree is coming soon!!!  The user is able to select up to four events (flipping a coin, spinning a spinner, rolling a number cube, drawing a card, or drawing marbles from a bag) and generate a custom counting tree showing all the possible outcomes.  If the tree has a large number of choices, the user can zoom and pan over different portions of the tree… something one could never do on paper.  Imagine being able to generate a tree with hundreds of possible outcomes in an instant!  Also, users have the ability to create custom choices to fit their own classroom example needs!  Look for it on the Itunes App store at the end of August  2011!!!

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  1. Greg says:

    I am excited about the potential of this app! I have two concerns. My first is when I saved the PDF I am not able to get back to it. Second, I created one of the diagrams from the choices and it says that it is too large. Why have them as options?

    • Aaron says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying… I am moderating this myself.
      In answer to your questions:
      A. I am investigating your issue with saving the PDF and am having the same difficulty. I will be talking to the lead programmer shortly to see if this can be corrected. If so, I will send it as an update. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      B. In developing the App, there were some issues with available memory for trees that exceed a certain size. My requirement for the programmer was that The user should be able to calculate as high as rolling 4 number cubes (6x6x6x6). Using that parameter, you should be able to generate a tree of roughly 1300 outcomes without difficulty. The app cannot handle a diagram such as 4 full decks of cards. It seemed just as reasonable to state the tree is too large as it did to have options disappear without explanation.

      I hope this helps clarify things. I am glad the App is useful to you. Please check out Transformation Trainer and Classroom Manager. They are coming very soon!

      • Aaron says:

        The issue seems to be compatibility with the new IOS. We are working to correct this and will issue a free update ASAP. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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