Coming Soon…Views!

Views allows the user to build 3-dimensional figures up to 6x6x6 from cubes.  The user can then rotate, zoom, and recolor the figure.  The app displays top, bottom, left, right, front and back views which orbit the 3d figure and can be hidden so students can practice generating these.  This is the perfect app for introducing 3-dimensional concepts such as surface area and volume!

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Ipad Hint for users experiencing difficulty opening programs.

After a little research on my own, I found a troubleshooting hint for those having difficulty with apps functioning properly. If you go to the app store and download a free app, and then try to reopen the app that you were having trouble with, the problem often resolves itself. Don’t ask me why, but this works in a lot of cases.

Also, if you have trouble with apps locking up, you can delete the app from you device, log into the app store from the device, and redownload it from the “purchased” menu. This will often resolve issues with loading or opening an app.

If either of these hints helps you, please comment so others will benefit from your experience.

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Classroom Manager Approved

Classroom Manager has just been approved by Apple for sale on the I-tunes App Store!!!  It should be available within 24 hours!!!

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