Transformation Trainer is Under Way!

Our third application is in production.  Transformation Trainer will allow the user to use the IPAD’s touch interface to draw polygons on a coordinate plane.  The user will then have the ability to translate, reflect, rotate and dilate the figure on the coordinate plane and watch as the transformation rule adjusts.  They can also assign a transformation rule and see the new image appear.  The user zoom and pan as well as adjust the scale on the x-axis and y-axis.  We are very excited to see this powerful new tool coming into existence.  Look for it soon in the I-tunes App Store.

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A special thanks to Kevin McGinn, the graphic designer who developed our company logo!

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Counting Tree

Counting Tree is coming soon!!!  The user is able to select up to four events (flipping a coin, spinning a spinner, rolling a number cube, drawing a card, or drawing marbles from a bag) and generate a custom counting tree showing all the possible outcomes.  If the tree has a large number of choices, the user can zoom and pan over different portions of the tree… something one could never do on paper.  Imagine being able to generate a tree with hundreds of possible outcomes in an instant!  Also, users have the ability to create custom choices to fit their own classroom example needs!  Look for it on the Itunes App store at the end of August  2011!!!

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